Join JavaScript professionals including developers, software engineers, developer advocates and business leaders at the OpenJS virtual global conference. Connect, learn and collaborate with community members from projects including AMP, Dojo, Electron, and Node.js.

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Keynote speakers (to date)

  • Anna Lytical, YouTube coding educator, Coding Drag Queen and Google engineer
  • Cian Ó Maidín, CEO of NearForm
  • Lin Clark, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Fastly
  • Scott Hanselman, Partner Program Manager at Microsoft

Call For Papers

CFPs are open! If you have a speaking session that you’d like to submit, please do so by February 15, 2021. Learn more at our speaker session submission form

Event Sponsorship

This year, the OpenJS Foundation is offering event sponsorship as an exclusive OpenJS Foundation membership benefit and it’s a great time to join! Learn more about membership here and check out the event prospectus for details and benefits.

Add-on sponsorships available

The add-on packages give your company another way to engage more closely with developers and your technologies. It also allows your company to capture more interested leads, much like you may have done with badge-scanning at in-person events.

About OpenJS World 2021

OpenJS World 2021 is a truly unique JavaScript developer conference. It’s a free, virtual experience with keynotes premiering from the OpenJS Foundation YouTube Channel and sessions to be published immediately after.

This format will allow for an on-demand, “Netflix style” experience with a specific premier time and flexibility for international audience viewing, as well as more discussion opportunities with speakers. The event will also feature additional engagement opportunities, such as Slack chats and live workshops, mixed throughout. 

We hope you’ll tune in!