Join JavaScript professionals including developers, software engineers, developer advocates and business leaders at the OpenJS virtual global conference. Connect, learn and collaborate with community members from projects including AMP, Dojo, Electron, and Node.js.

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Our keynote speakers

Anna Lytical photo

Anna Lytical

Sickeningly Entertaining and Educational Coding Drag Queen & Engineer at Google

Anna is dedicated to engaging a more diverse audience with code and technology especially the LGBTQ+ community. During working hours, Anna is an engineer at Google working on the developer experience for Google Cloud Platform.

Ashlyn Sparrow

Learning Technology Director and Lead Game Designer at University of Chicago | Ci3

Ashlyn Sparrow is an independent game designer. Her work focuses on creating socially impactful games and health focused app interventions. In 2013, Ashlyn was the Learning Technology Director of the Game Changer Chicago Design Lab at the University of Chicago, devoted to creating game-based health interventions supported by funding from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. During her tenure she designed and led the production of The Source, S.E.E.D, Hexacago Health Academy, Bystander, and Prognosis. In 2018, She became the Assistant Director of the Weston Game Lab (WGL) at the Media Arts, Data, and Design (MADD) Center at the University of Chicago where she teaches undergraduate, graduate and K-12 students how to design their own games while uncovering the sociopolitical implications of their designs. Through WGL, she has developed a series of alternate reality games including Indiecade award-winning game Terrarium, A Labyrinth, and Echo. In addition to her work at WGL, she works as a game designer and programmer in Chicago, having worked on Oni Fighter Yasuke for Waking Oni Games.

Cian Ó Maidín photo

Cian Ó Maidín

CEO, Nearform

Cian Ó Maidín is the CEO of NearForm. Specializing in globally accelerated solution and platform delivery for clients including Condé Nast, Ingka, ADP and WalMart, NearForm are the biggest contributor to the Node.js project with the team contributing 30% of all the code to the latest release, and their contributions to the module eco-system representing about 8% of all the modules downloaded globally each month.

Under Cian’s leadership, NearForm has expanded to become a leader in developing contact tracing apps for national and state governments across Europe and the US. The NearForm app source code is now used from New York to New Zealand.

Jenny Toomey

International Program Director, Technology and Society, Ford Foundation

Jenny Toomey is the Ford Foundation’s international program director for Technology and Society. She also works closely with the Office of the President on a number of initiatives in the groundbreaking field of public interest technology. Previously, she led Ford’s Internet Freedom team, supporting efforts to preserve the open architecture of the Internet and expand access, transparency, innovation, creativity, and participation.

Jenny has advocated for the rights of artists and music lovers on five continents and spoken about music and technology at hundreds of institutions and media outlets. She graduated from Georgetown University with an interdisciplinary major in philosophy, English, and women’s studies.

Jerome Hardaway photo

Jerome Hardaway

Executive Director, VetsWhoCode

Jerome Hardaway is Writer at Stack Overflow, Instructor at Front End Masters, Executive Director of Vets Who Code, and Javascript Developer in all of these opportunities. As a writer and instructor, he focuses on those learning how to code and are looking to get their first job as a Web Developer. As an Executive Director he focuses on training and gathering the resources so that veterans can become employed javascript developers, with a focus on Javascript and APIs.

Because of this work he has been highlighted in Wired Magazine and Huffington Post. He was also selected to represent Nashville at Google I/O and was invited to Facebook F8 as well as DreamForce. He has also been honored for his work with veterans at the White House by Barack Obama.

Lin Clark photo

Lin Clark

Senior Principal Software Engineer, Fastly

Lin Clark is a Senior Principal Engineer at Fastly, focusing on WebAssembly. She is a co-founder of the Bytecode Alliance, which is driving WebAssembly’s outside-the-browser ecosystem forward. Many people know her through her long-running series, Code Cartoons, which helps people make sense of various WebAssembly standards and the ecosystem’s overall direction. She has worked on web standardization and devtools at Mozilla, helped people understand the JS ecosystem at npm, and was a Drupal core module maintainer.

Saron Yitbarek photo

Saron Yitbarek

Founder, Disco

Saron Yitbarek is the founder of Disco, an audio-first learning platform. She’s also the founder of CodeNewbie (acquired), a podcaster, and developer.

Scott Hanselman photo

Scott Hanselman

Partner Program Manager , Microsoft, Hanselminutes

Scott Hanselman is an open source developer who has been coding going on 30 years. He has a podcast with nearly 800 episodes spanning 15 years, an active YouTube and Twitter presence, and has recently entered TikTok as its oldest member who shouldn’t be on TikTok. His goal is to lend his privilege to the next generation of developers and help everyone be happy and successful.

Zainab Ebrahimi photo

Zainab Ebrahimi

CEO, Florish

Zainab Ebrahimi is the founder of Florish, a job interview coaching service for developers. She’s also a volunteer CS teacher and a web developer with almost 10 years experience. She’s based out of Brooklyn, NY.

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About OpenJS World 2021

OpenJS World 2021 is a truly unique JavaScript developer conference. It’s a free, virtual experience with keynotes premiering from the OpenJS Foundation YouTube Channel and sessions to be published immediately after.

This format will allow for an on-demand, “Netflix style” experience with a specific premier time and flexibility for international audience viewing, as well as more discussion opportunities with speakers. The event will also feature additional engagement opportunities, such as Slack chats and live workshops, mixed throughout. 

We hope you’ll tune in!

Statistics from our last event

Education and collaboration are vital to the future of the OpenJS community, and it is imperative to us that everyone in the community that wants to participate feels welcome to do so regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, dis/ability, race, ethnicity, age, religion or economic status. The Linux Foundation code of conduct outlines our expectations for all those who participate in our community, as well as the consequences for unacceptable behavior.

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Below are the opt-in statistics from the 2020 OpenJS World event. Please note, the attendee demographic questions are optional for speakers and attendees and are based on opt-in only responses.

Speaker Gender

  • Man: 73%
  • Woman: 26%
  • Non-Binary: <1%
  • Prefer Not to Answer: 0%

Attendee Gender

  • Man: 80%
  • Woman: 14%
  • Non-Binary: 1%
  • Prefer Not to Answer: 5%

Geographic Representation

52 countries

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

  • OpenJS World 2021 is a free event – there are no barriers to entry, and all are encouraged to attend and participate
  • No all male programs, keynote lineups, or panels
  • Speakers are encouraged to complete the Linux Foundation’s complimentary Inclusive Speaker Orientation Course
  • Captioning available via this year’s platform, YouTube
  • All keynotes and sessions are publicly accessible during the event

Contact Us With Ideas

If you have ideas on how we can create a more inclusive event, please do not hesitate to let us know. Contact Angela Brown, SVP & General Manager of Events, at