About the OpenJS Foundation

The OpenJS Foundation is working to make the web safe and modern for the majority of the world’s websites that rely on JavaScript.

JavaScript technologies are often highly interconnected, so it’s great to see how maintainers support maintainers at the OpenJS foundation through groups like the cross project council.

Joe Sepi, Open Source at IBM

Our mission is to empower developers everywhere

The primary goals of the OpenJS Foundation are:

  • To promote the widespread adoption and continued development of key JavaScript and web solutions and related technologies.
  • To facilitate collaboration within the JavaScript development community.
  • To create a center of gravity for open source projects throughout the end-to-end JavaScript ecosystem guiding them toward open governance and diverse collaborator bases.
  • To host the infrastructure to support hosted JavaScript open source projects.
  • To enable, through advancement of Projects and strategic partnerships, an open and accessible web.

It is essential to provide a neutral home for critical open source projects, with common principles of technical governance and accountability.  By doing so, we are providing for the long-term sustainability of both individual projects and the ecosystem as a whole.

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