The OpenJS Foundation is comprised of many open source project communities which operate independently, but also collaborate together on the Cross Project Council (CPC).

Calendars and meetings

The OpenJS Foundation maintains a calendar (iCal) (Add to Google Calendar) for governance and working group meetings. Meetings on this calendar are open for anyone to join.

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The OpenJS Foundation maintains the OpenJS Foundation Slack Workspace. You can receive an invitation to join the OpenJS Foundation workspace by clicking the link below.

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The OpenJS Foundation has a GitHub that we use for the Cross Project Council, Collaboration Spaces and foundation activities.

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Collaboration Spaces

Collaboration Spaces are meant to help community-led efforts reach broader audiences and coordinate stakeholders from across the JavaScript ecosystem. We maintain the OpenJS Foundation organization on Github to manage top-level community collaborative processes.

Cross Project Council

The Cross Project Council (CPC) operates openly and transparently, conducting discussions and documenting decisions in the openjs-foundation/cross-project-council repo. Anyone may join CPC meetings and participate in the work of the CPC as an observer.

Open Visualization Collaboration Space

The Open Visualization Collaboration Space “OpenVis” is a forum within the OpenJS Foundation to neutrally govern the most comprehensive and widely adopted visualization libraries based on JavaScript and WebGL.

Standards Collaboration Space

The OpenJS Foundation Standards Collaboration Space helps coordinate and document standards activities among hosted projects, working in the openjs-foundation/standards repo.

Security Collaboration Space

The Security Collaboration Space is a forum within the OpenJS Foundation to neutrally govern the security progress and future of projects in the JavaScript ecosystem.

Package Metadata Interoperability Collaboration Space

The goal of the Package Metadata Interoperability Collab Space is to improve how JavaScript developers define their packages across the ecosystem. The group is currently working to better understand package.json and how developers use it to define their projects.