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As an organization, you can join leading vendors, consultants and enterprise end-users who rely upon the projects of the OpenJS Foundation. Your support helps ensure the ongoing vitality of critical web ecosystem projects, and provides a vendor-neutral home where they can receive financial, marketing, logistical, and event support.

Why join as a member?

Community Engagement

Deepen your engagement and leadership in local and industry developer networks and conferences through our collaborator summits and individual contributor program.

Project Sustainability

OpenJS helps increase the adoption of its projects leading to long-term viability of key technologies that companies depend upon – future proofing key IT decisions. Neutrality at OpenJS ensures that no one company controls an important open source technology.


OpenJS Marketing communications with project maintainers, members and end users for dev engagement and thought leadership. Channels include blogs, social media, case studies and more.

Thought Leadership

Ongoing convening of engineering, business, marketing and legal leaders driving the direction of cloud, web, mobile and desktop application development.


Strengthening the health of the JavaScript ecosystem supports the developer workforce and business: helps recruit and retain employees, and help attract developers to its services.


Participate in our collaboration spaces around security, open visualization and more to influence technical priorities and decisions.

Types of Membership

The OpenJS Foundation is a neutral organization that provides support for the JavaScript ecosystem through a variety of programs and services.

The Foundation is supported by organizations who participate as Platinum, Gold, and Silver members. Annual dues enable the OpenJS Foundation to provide all of the services that help our projects remain neutral, including collaboration infrastructure, events, marketing, and operational support.

Are you an individual interested in membership?

JavaScriptLandia, the OpenJS Foundation's individual supporter program, is a place where all JavaScript fans, no matter your flavor or technology preference, can creatively express support for the JavaScript ecosystem and OpenJS communities.

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