OpenJS Foundation Welcomes Greyshore Associates as Member

Network of experienced technologists provides consulting and delivery services, now a part of the OpenJS Foundation

The OpenJS Foundation, providing vendor-neutral support for sustained growth within the open source JavaScript community, is excited to welcome Greyshore Associates as our newest member. Greyshore Associates joins the Foundation at the Silver level.

Greyshore is a group of like minded and experienced technologists who provide research, strategy, and delivery to support organizations in creating value from open source, accessibility, cloud adoption, legacy replatforming, and developer experience. 

“This is a special welcome - actually a welcome back - since Paula Paul, distinguished engineer and CTO at Greyshore Associates, has served on the OpenJS Foundation board previously. She has high standards and endless energy and drive evident by her work in our JavaScript communities, and adding Greyshore Associates as a member benefits the full OpenJS Foundation ecosystem with a wealth of skills and understanding,” said Robin Ginn, executive director, OpenJS Foundation. “We are excited to welcome Greyshore Associates as an OpenJS Foundation member and look forward to adding their invaluable experience and knowledge to our community.”

“I can’t think of any organization that doesn’t rely on the JavaScript ecosystem and the efforts of the OpenJS Foundation. Supporting the OpenJS Foundation is an investment in Greyshore’s ongoing success. It’s that simple.  Joining the OpenJS Foundation is an investment in an open source ecosystem that has enabled Greyshore to deliver value for years,” said Paula Paul, Distinguished Engineer and CTO at Greyshore Associates. “Greyshore has relied on OpenJS Foundation projects like Node.js, npm, and Electron to deliver value to customers. We look forward to participating more fully and would like to issue this call-to-action to other organizations: if you rely on the JavaScript ecosystem, join the OpenJS Foundation!” 

Paula has been involved with helping the OpenJS Foundation to bring more diversity into its open source projects. She has spoken in the Open Source track and co-chaired Open Source Day at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, and is collaborating with the AnitaB organization to bring open source job opportunities and training to women and individuals who identify as non-binary.

“Greyshore Associates is a great addition to the OpenJS Foundation with their long experience working in the JavaScript ecosystem. Open source is ultimately all about people and connections and Greyshore Associates joining adds a group of experts with deep experience in open source,” said Michael “Max” Maximillien, IBM Distinguished Engineer and OpenJS Foundation Platinum Director. “Welcome to Paula Paul and her team!”

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