Secure Your Site with the 5 Second Healthy Web Checkup

The new Healthy Web Checkup tool is easy to use tool and checks for the latest versions of popular web technology jQuery.

Secure your website with the new Healthy Web Checkup tool! This easy to use tool checks for the latest versions of popular web technology jQuery, which is used on almost 90% of websites.

Why Update?

  • Out of date software can cause privacy, security and stability risks.
  • Upgrading may be easier than you think, and you can take action now.
  • Research shows 750,000 websites are out of date.
  • If your jQuery is old, other software you depend on may be out of date, too.

Updating your jQuery version is important as it helps mitigate risks associated with security, regulatory compliance, and functionality, ensuring protection of customer data and preserving business reputation. The investment in updating jQuery versions produces significant returns by reducing the risk of security incidents and enhancing overall website performance.

“It is everyone’s responsibility to make their own websites secure. That’s not always a simple task, but ensuring packages are up to date can be a good place to start. The jQuery Team is pleased to work with the OpenJS Foundation as a part of this Healthy Web checkup campaign. Please join us and the OpenJS Foundation to help improve the health of the consumer web.”
– Timmy Willison, Team Lead for jQuery Core and Lead Front-End Engineer at

We have a full guide available on updating your jQuery version.

jQuery might not be the only out of date software on your website

Our research shows that when jQuery is out of date on a website, it is often the tip of the iceberg. Consider getting your whole website checked by a professional to make sure all of your software is up-to-date and that you and your visitors are well protected.

The Research Behind the Project

Last year, we analyzed an IDC end-user audit and other research data points to estimate of the 1.9 billion websites worldwide, almost 90% use the open source software jQuery, and one-third of those, over three-quarters of a billion sites, require an upgrade. Due to the size of the problem, the OpenJS Foundation recommends taking immediate action to understand and mitigate risk that a behavioral change to web security is required.

How to Upgrade

The jQuery team has created comprehensive guides to help you update outdated versions of jQuery. If you’re on one of the outdated versions below, learn how to upgrade to gain access to the latest security features and jQuery updates.

Thank You

The OpenJS Foundation is proud to make the web more secure! We couldn’t do it without our partners and collaborators.

Special shoutout to:

  • Our core jQuery maintainers: Michał Gołębiowski-Owczarek, Richard Gibson, Timmy Willison and Timo Tijhof.
  • Our OpenJS Foundation core team: Benjamin Sternthal, Kylie Wagar-Dirks, Paula Paul, Robin Ginn and Tobie Langel.
  • The IDC research team: Al Gillen, Jim Mercer and Katie Norton.

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