HeroDevs Joins OpenJS Foundation

New Gold member provides services to secure and support end-of-life open source packages 

The OpenJS Foundation, providing vendor-neutral support for sustained growth within the open source JavaScript community, is excited to welcome HeroDevs as our newest member. HeroDevs joins the Foundation at the Gold level.

HeroDevs helps companies solve the problem of: what to do when our favorite open source projects (or their older versions) are sunsetted, reach end of life, or are otherwise no longer maintained and supported. HeroDevs provides products that ensure businesses remain secure and compliant, and also provides consulting and engineering to assist clients in migrating from deprecated packages and modernizing their technology stacks.

“OpenJS Foundation pays attention to the full lifecycle of open source projects. It’s a real world issue to manage a transition when the version of the open source project you’re using winds down. The transition can be handled well, and adding HeroDevs to our membership will help ensure that the full software lifecycle can be managed,” said Robin Ginn, executive director, OpenJS Foundation. “We are excited to have HeroDevs join as a Gold member and look forward to working closely together.”

In addition, HeroDevs is looking to standardize norms around the end-of-life process in open source, and make it smoother and more clearly understood for the maintainers and consumers of open source software. 

“Joining the OpenJS Foundation helps us reach our goals of positively affecting the open source community, and reducing the negative impact of unsupported open source software. Our growth over the past 3 years has been meteoric, and we want to continue making sure such growth is aligned with the open source community,” said Joe Eames, VP of Partnerships at HeroDevs. “We see joining the OpenJS Foundation as an important milestone in our growth, and we look forward to working closer with the open source JavaScript community.” 

HeroDevs gives back to open source through sponsorships, backing core contributors, and funding events that directly support the ecosystem. The engagement with the community goes beyond financial contributions, however, with HeroDevs actively supporting growth and innovation of open source software. 

“I believe working with the OpenJS Foundation is a natural fit. I feel there are very real ethical obligations for all users of projects to help maintainers handle time management, burnout, and work-life balance. These types of issues can cause the end of even widely adopted open source projects, and by joining the OpenJS Foundation we are placing ourselves in an even better position to help the ecosystem become sustainable.” said Jordan Harband, Principal Open Source Architect, HeroDevs, and OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council (CPC) member.

“Welcome to HeroDevs, our newest Gold member. A deep commitment to open source is a key component of the OpenJS Foundation membership, and HeroDevs exemplifies this well. It’s great to be involved with software that is growing and improving, but it’s also important to properly manage sunsetting issues. It benefits everyone involved,” said Michael “Max” Maximillien, IBM Distinguished Engineer and OpenJS Foundation Platinum Director.

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