Jest Graduates to At-Large Project at OpenJS Foundation

Jest has graduated! Jest is a JavaScript testing framework that allows you to write tests with an API with little configuration. They are now an at-large project.

We are happy to share that Jest has graduated to an at-large project!

Jest is a JavaScript testing framework that allows you to write tests with an API with little configuration. As the Jest team likes to say, Jest makes testing “delightful.”

“Jest's progress in becoming an essential testing tool for developers reflects the collaborative spirit and dedication of the open source community,” said Simen Bekkhus, Jest Maintainer. “We're proud of Jest's growth and excited to continue evolving alongside our users, contributing to the advancement of JavaScript testing standards. We look forward to releasing Version 30 very soon and growing our contributor base.”

Jest currently has over 21 million weekly downloads and 43,000+ GitHub stars, making it the most used testing framework in the JavaScript ecosystem. It consistently ranks as one of the JavaScript libraries with the highest satisfaction, and is used by companies of all sizes including Amazon, Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Stripe.

“Jest has created so many possibilities for developers worldwide through its multiple integrations with other JavaScript tools and ease of use,” said Joe Sepi, Chair of the OpenJS Foundation Cross Project Council and OpenJS Board Director. “It’s great to see the project further their commitment to the open source community through becoming an at-large project.”

Graduating is an important milestone that helps solidify Jest’s position as a vendor-neutral, community-driven open-source project.  It was donated to the OpenJS Foundation in May 2022 as a contribution from Meta.

“Today marks an important milestone for Jest as it graduates to an at-large project. Jest's journey embodies the collaborative spirit of our community and its dedication to creating accessible, high-quality tools for developers worldwide,” said Robin Bender Ginn, Executive Director of the OpenJS Foundation. “We're thrilled to continue supporting Jest's growth and innovation as it joins the ranks of projects driving the future of JavaScript development.”

This graduation signals a new major milestone for Jest as we continue to support the future of the project in the ever-growing JavaScript ecosystem. Welcome!